Sasquatch II is an album by Los Angeles stoner rock band Sasquatch, released on November 14, 2006.
Sasquatch are an American stoner rock band. The band was formed in 2001 in Los Angeles by Keith Gibbs (guitar, vocals), Rick Ferrante (drums) and Clayton Charles (bass). Charles left the band in 2007, and was replaced by Jason Casanova.
The band claim to be influenced by “Black Sabbath, old Soundgarden, Deliverance-era Corrosion of Conformity, Mountain, and a bastardized version of Grand Funk Railroad”.

1 Let It In 03:56
2 The Judge 04:31
3 Pleasure To Burn 04:07
4 Barrel Of A Gun 05:13
5 Seven Years To Saturn 05:32
6 Nikki 05:08
7 Off The Rails 04:10
8 Glass Houses 04:24
9 Rattlesnake Flake 03:48
10 Catalina 03:48
11 What Have You Done 07:32


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