Psychodramas: Breaking the Knots of Twisted Synapse is an album by Leeds doom metal band Camel Of Doom, released on December 3, 2012.
The album from ex-Esoteric guitarist Kris Clayton. It was recorded, mixed and mastered at Priory Recording Studios by Esoteric mainman and long time collaborator Greg Chandler, and produced by Kris Clayton to finally realize the dream imagined when the band was formed 10 long years ago.

Melding together influences from Doom, Death Metal, Stoner Rock and 70’s Psychedelic and Progressive rock genres, the record aims to be as heavy as it is trippy, as melodic as it is dissonant and as beautiful as it is twisted. This record takes the foundations built by earlier albums and adds to them, retaining the bands trademark ambient saxophone infused doom and creating new sounds with forays into blissed out vocoded post-rock and early 90’s death metal, with brief stops into dark ambient and funeral doom along the way.

Lyrically it is a concept record telling of how the artist used arcane techniques to rebuild a mind shattered by constant self abuse, drawing on the darkest aspects of the psyche to force his mind in submission to his own will. Themeatically, the band has matured immensely – hardly surprising that Kris Clayton formed the band aged just 13. The sound has grown up with him.

1. To Purify The Air 01:30
2. The Anger of Anguish 13:20
3. From The Sixth Tower 11:47
4. In This Arid Wilderness 01:16
5. Self Hypnosis I: The Manual 02:34
6. Self Hypnosis II: The 18th Key 05:51
7. Machine of Annihilation 21:08
8. So It Is Done! 02:29



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