Caravan Beyond Redemption is the fifth album of British doom metal band Cathedral, released on 6 December 1998 by Earache.
Cathedral’s releases have been marked by sharp shifts in style. While Forest of Equilibrium was firmly entrenched in a slow, heavy doom sound, elements of 1970s metal and groovier riffs entered its sound beginning with the Soul Sacrifice EP.[16] By the time that The Ethereal Mirror was released, the band had incorporated diversified its references to 1970s music, including the disco influences heard on “Midnight Mountain”.

1. “Voodoo Fire” 6:11
2. “The Unnatural World” 4:04
3. “Satanikus Robotikus” 5:01
4. “Freedom” 5:05
5. “Captain Clegg” 6:06
6. “Earth Messiah” 5:17
7. “The Caravan” 3:00
8. “Revolution” 7:08
9. “Kaleidoscope of Desire” 4:45
10. “Heavy Load” 6:08
11. “The Omega Man” 5:59
12. “Dust of Paradise” 14:03



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