Spine of God is the debut album by American stoner rock band Monster Magnet, released on December 6 1991 in Europe and in the United States on February 28, 1992. It is the band’s first official full-length album and one of the earliest examples of the genre of stoner rock.
The album mixes elements of punk, heavy metal, psychedelic, stoner rock, and space rock. The album features a cover of Grand Funk Railroad’s “Sin’s a Good Man’s Brother”. It was voted Spin’s “Number 9 Album of 1991 You Didn’t Hear”.
A music video was made for the song “Medicine”.

“Pill Shovel” – 4:00
“Medicine” – 3:21
“Nod Scene” – 6:46
“Black Mastermind” – 8:13
“Zodiac Lung” – 4:44
“Spine of God” – 8:02
“Snake Dance” – 3:10
“Sin’s a Good Man’s Brother” – 3:31
“Ozium” – 8:01
“Ozium” – 8:38 *
* Reissue bonus track
Spine of God was re-released in March 2006 on Stoner rock Records with new artwork, new liner notes, compressed dynamic range, and a demo version of “Ozium” as a bonus track.



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