Temples is an album by Santa Cruz, California doom stoner rock band The Bad Light, released on December 15, 2015.

“It takes effort to make things and The Bad Light is certainly no exception, since the release of Onward Downward the line up has changed multiple times, many drummers later I found Dana through a Craigslist add and we clicked right away, we worked our asses off getting these songs worked out and in October of 2014 we took them into the studio and we took our time…really took our time, going in once a month and getting as much done as we could afford it took us until July of 2015 to have this mixed and ready for mastering, we think it was worth it, we hope you think so too. The biggest change comes from having Emily singing along full time, to me it sounds so sweet and natural like it was born there and we built a castle around it, Its a gamble to bring in a new singer, Im sure some won’t like it and I can only hope that she will be down for whatever lifetime the band has, but if not, then it will be something else and in the two years it took to bring this album to fruition, this was my biggest realization, The Bad Light is a collection of ideas at a moment in time and TEMPLES is us now”
(Edu Cerro)

1. The One 04:45
2. Hurdling Stones 06:22
3. I’d Rather Be Alone 04:35
4. Mercury Oceans 04:48
5. Time 04:56
6. I Don’t Mind 05:30
7. Arrows 04:43
8. Black Hole Hum 07:45



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