Eclectic Tail is an EP by Ukraine psychedelic rock band The Curse of Wendigo. It was released on December 21, 2012.
Album has a total length about 32 minutes and contains 6 versatile songs, which form a complete picture, in which direction our band was oriented at the beginning. In our lyrics you can hear references to Native American mythology and instrumental part entices the listener to a certain meditative trance. Heavy viscous riffs, psychedelic passages, hysterical and sometimes aloof vocals, short but catchy sketches on harmonica – all of this you can hear in our songs.

1. Here Comes Clint Eastwood 00:57
2. Eclectic Tail 08:09
3. Gloomy Friend 05:58
4. Endless Hunger 04:23
5. The Prodigal Son 04:47
6. Fallen Treasures 08:22



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