Electric Wizard is the debut studio album by Dorset, England doom metal band Electric Wizard.
It was released on January 3, 1995 through Rise Above Records.
The music is in the style of traditional doom metal with some stoner metal traits. The album cover depicts a woman riding a winged seahorse across a psychedelic ocean floor, which has been decorated with stone statues. The font used for the logo is the same style used for Black Sabbath’s self-titled album, a nod to one of the band’s inspirations.
Electric Wizard was re-released bundled with their second album, Come My Fanatics… in 1999. A remastered version was then released on CD and LP in 2006, with two bonus tracks, taken from a demo entitled Doom Chapter.

All tracks by Jus Oborn
“Stone Magnet” – 4:52
“Mourning Prayer” – 5:06
“Mountains of Mars” – 3:47
“Behemoth” – 8:54
“Devil’s Bride” – 6:34
“Black Butterfly” – 8:20
“Electric Wizard” – 9:40
“Wooden Pipe” – 0:08
Bonus songs on 2006 reissue
“Illimitable Nebulie” (Demo) – 4:51
“Mourning Prayer, Part 1” (Demo) – 5:19



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