Rotten Village Sessions is an album by Wrocław, Poland stoner rock band Palm Desert. It was released on January 4, 2013.
“Is it good stoner rock? No. It’s GREAT stoner rock, and I, for one, am very appreciative of this foursome from Wraclow, Poland taking a sound they obviously love, and that I happen to love as well, and whipping out 9 fresh, healthy versions of a rock sound that is becoming rare. There is no direct copying of anything here of which I can tell, just new songs brilliantly written to a style that is quite rightly one of the best rock has ever produced, one that came and went in relative obscurity for most, but luckily not for us.”

1. Down the Odyssey 08:04
2. Till the sun goes down 03:39
3. Ghulassa Saloon 00:34
4. Mani 04:51
5. Damn good 03:49
6. Shades in black 07:31
7. Orbitean 01:10
8. Acid Phantom 04:58
9. White wolf 12:55



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