South Western Lower Valley Rock is an album by Heidelberg, Germany stoner psychedelic rock band Buddha Sentenza.
It was released on January 6, 2013.
After a seemingly random sonic collision over the city of Heidelberg in late 2008, the constellation of *Buddha Sentenza* began to form during the darkest hours of that cold and silent winter. Deep under the earth, in the hidden bowels of the Klonlabor tunnel complex, the searing strings and pounding drums condensed rapidly to form a nebulous cloud of loosely jammed, spaced-out, rocking riffs. Rotating freely around some of the most ancient soundscapes – from the astral end of the Pink Floyd to the depths of galaxies such as Black Sabbath – Buddha Sentenza has continued to expand, drawing energy from contemporary constellations as well. Thus, its elements follow the trail of early rock psychonauts and modern riffrockers alike, fusing droning riffs, screaming solos and cosmic harmonies into an instrumental sound experience that defies any strict genre boundaries. The result is a texture that combines the raw massiveness of rock with the infinite possibilities of outer space.

1. alpha 01:06
2. Time Wave Zero 05:16
3. beta 01:58
4. Arrested Development 05:04
5. gamma 00:14
6. Spanish Revenge (Hieronimo is mad again) 07:45
7. delta 01:25
8. Debris Moon 08:52
9. epsilon 01:05
10. The Monkey stealing the Peaches 02:48
11. zeta 00:05
12. Tzameti 03:45
13. eta 00:45
14. Psychonaut 06:00



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