The Desert At Night is an Album by Leeds, UK doom metal band Camel of Doom. It was released on January 10, 2003.
Camel of Doom formed in 2001 as a one man project by Kris Clayton, then aged just 13. In 2002, Clayton recorded and self released two EPs, ‘The Song with Rocks In’ and ‘Child of the Scream’, with a full length 2003’s ‘The Desert at Night’ following soon after. Following the positive reaction these recordings received through online zines and forums, Clayton decided to recruit a live band. A drummer was soon found in the form of Tom Sadler, Claytons schoolmate. After a couple of years of membership revolving doors (the longest lasting being bassist Ben Nield), the band solidified with Laura Whittingham on bass and Rosie Potts on sax. After a good 18 months of playing live and writing new material, outside pressures and various circumstances caused the band to declare an indefinite hiatus. After a three year period however, Kris Clayton ressurected the band with himself once again the sole member, and set to finishing the incomplete record left by the full line up. The resulting opus, ‘The Diviners Sage’ was released in 2008.

The next few years saw little activity, as Kris became a member of dark psychedelic doom band Esoteric. In 2011, an EP containing freshly recorded versions of some of the best songs from the debut album. ‘The Night After Time’ was recorded and mixed by Esoteric frontman Greg Chandler, and was the first Camel of Doom record to have an objectively good sound.

Reinvigorated, and realising that he was able to produce high quality output on his own, Kris set about recording third album ‘Psychodramas: Breaking the Knots of Twisted Synapse’. Melding together the sounds of Neurosis, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind and even Esoteric in places, Psychodramas, release in December 2012, truly captured the psych/prog/doom vibe that had always been the intention.

Having finally captured on record the sound that he was after, Kris now desired to perform live with the band once again. After over a year of searching, a second member was finally found in bassist Simon Whittle. Kris and Simon spent several months writing and rehearsing the follow up to ‘Pyschodramas’, but were still without a drummer. Not wanting to use a drum machine as Kris had on the previous record, they recruited the extremely capable Thomas Vallely (Lychgate, Omega Centauri) to perform session drums on the record, which he did admirably.

Shortly after completion of the album, the live lineup was finally completed, with the addition of Ben Nield (the very same as was briefly a bass player back in 2003) on drums. The band then signed with Solitude Productions to release the album, titled ‘Terrestrial’. The band performed their first live show for 10 years in December 2015. With ‘Terrestrial’ released worldwide on 8th February 2016, and further live performances booked and planned, 2016 looks to be Camel of Doom’s greatest year yet.

1. Child of the Scream 04:39
2. Intro 01:31
3. Death on the Ship of the Desert 04:52
4. Guilty as Charged 05:08
5. Run Camel Run 01:47
6. One Fine Day 02:55
7. The Hatered 03:41
8. The Power 05:08
9. The Battle 04:50
10. The End 03:38
11. Can I be Bothered to Name This? 04:44
12. Outro (an excerpt from an earlier piece) 02:14



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