The Headless King is a full-length album by De Land, Florida stoner metal band Junior Bruce. It was released on January 20, 2012.

Born from the ashes of notable Floridian heavyweights Bloodlet, Junior Bruce are a five piece rock juggernaut formed in 2007. While the influence of certain bands may be apparent to some, the delivery of their brand of sludgy rock ‘n roll is unique and devastating.

After a few years of destroying the south with blistering live performances sharing the stage with the likes of Whores., Weedeater, ASG, Cough, Black Tusk, and Rwake (among many others), Junior Bruce released their first full-length record “The Headless King” via A389 Recordings in 2012 and headed north in support of the record to play the A389 Anniversary Bash headlined by EYEHATEGOD and Integrity.

Shortly after the record’s release, tragedy befell the band with the passing of their band mate, friend and absolutely outstanding goofball of a human being, Brett Tanner.

To get from tragedy to triumph requires a metric fuck ton of perseverance which is a word Junior Bruce perfectly exemplify, so in his honor they decided to carry on and released an EP called “The Ocean’s Daughter” in 2014 while continuing to play shows and writing for their long awaited second full-length with A389 titled “Endless Descent”.

Much like the climate and wildlife of the place they call home, Junior Bruce’s music is majestic and beautiful at times. It is also harsh, unforgiving, and as lethal as a cat 5 hurricane of soul-crushing riffs and howling vocals bearing down on a coastal Floridian trailer park.

1. Defeatist 04:28
2. Warriors Of The Son 04:05
3. The Headless King 03:58
4. Lt. Fury 03:36
5. Persuading The Divine 02:57
6. A Plague For Thieves 05:45
7. Waffle House Murders 03:41
8. Churchburner 04:43
9. The Serpent Lives 05:00
10. Book Of Tyranny 07:31



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