1. from Athens, Greece, Deaf Radio with Allarm
The four from Greece are revealed pounding from the first track of this new work weblog 2017. At first listen you notice hot indie post-punk influences. The warm voice is the host and goes well with the souring melodies. the choruses are well welded in memory, easily fishable when you are over-thinking. central body marked by a real sense courtship. Hands and eyes dancing slowly fix a point from which it is difficult to break away. If “Flowerhead” let thirst, to quench it intervenes “Revolving doors” with the right masterfully blended ingredients. A band that does not leave empty-handed. Everyone enjoys full the whole package to the total sensory rapture of the track closure that gives the signature!

…And We Just Pressed The Alarm Button from Allarm
If the album manages to engage, this song alone is able to send you drifting!
How cocaine wakes you up and sends you out of your mind, it resurrects from slumber and does initially stroking with slow rhythms that gradually become more pressing as the voice like a worm digs a tunnel between the veins up to a true powerhouse shock. It’s like an echo from adolescence rebellion that is repeating itself in explosive intertwining of notes. Excellent choice to position the track at the end. By way of savoring every last remaining comfortably surprised by what they are able to do these guys deserves high consideration and a prize for best single of this ranking.



2. from Warsaw, Poland, Bantha Rider with Bantha Rider
Poles, no brakes and loads of bombs ready to explode in your head! A real war gear with well-aimed shots and no survivors at the end of the battle. Toxic and lysergic giving new oxygen only halfway, where “Jawa Juice” is the host, and struck you as a tolling of funeral bells. Full of dark intentions do not give up its grip until the last. All the gloomy thoughts may emerge from any more cramped corner of the room in which the sound expands, making angry neighbors quieter. A real cure to the monotony. The sound is extremely nice and compressed, but still managed to emerge from the energy disarming more electric riffs. They open the cages and out the beasts of the mind. Able to grunt in the middle of steps snare and able to kick your till you forget your name! Compliments!



3. from Finland, Demonic Death Judge with Seaweed
We don’t know if the demonic Judge Death will consider the work of the Finnish quartet can earn part of our ranking of the month.
Impact and force of impact, are born from having been able to combine a very interesting sound, they make algae an album that even now he proposes as one of the best of 2017 works.
The first three songs leave their mark, followed by cavity, which prepares listening to what the final guarantees.
The sequence Backwoods/Pure Cold/Saturnday/Peninkulma certifies ideas and band capacity, in an amalgam that will drag with it every centimeter of blood.
Original and mature, the work of Demonic Death Judge is undoubtedly one of the best plays of this January 2017.



4. from Greece, Stone Cream with Slaves of Doom
Greece continues to prove to be like an oyster that preserves inside real rare pearls. This is the case of this band with a snap sweeps away all doubts and is positioned straight in second place on the podium. Hoping that the fans do not get angry too, could not put two groups in the first place, although it also deserved them. Their sound is more determined and as iron, worthy of dell’heavy stoner rock realm. Energetic, dynamic, put you right in the sounds that you can not help but follow by tapping with the fingers anywhere, or manage to pull the hand brake of a car at full speed.
“Montezuma Blues” is a song in the night, true to the blues tradition, howling with massive riffs and full of fighting spirit, while “Truck” lets you remember lost loves in his youth and drunkenness among friends. A solid monument then in front of Old man talking, powerful and majestic above the other tracks. In closing a lick of whiskers, the icing on the cake, the last great sigh before putting on the disc again!



5. from Los Angeles, California, Black Prism with Black Prism
If in recent years Californians Orchid have deservedly gained the Black Prism, coincidentally also Californians them, degrees of worthy successors of Black Sabbath and they are following in their footsteps.
The first hearing eponymous album back in time. Riffs are perfectly blended and atmospheres report to the first Black Sabbath, Black Prism make a conceptually successful work.
The OpenTrack does echo the splendor of the Band of Birmingham, from Eye For An Eye to Untitled path radiates the desire to taste the legendary ’70s.
A few days after the professional closure of Black Sabbath here are the Black Prism that are proposed as alternative to Tony and Ozzy.
The Orchid friends are warned.



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