Snakes for the Divine is the fifth studio album by Oakland, California doom sludge stoner metal band High on Fire.
Snakes for the Divine was recorded at The Pass Studios in Los Angeles with producer Greg Fidelman. The album cover art and track listing were revealed on the band’s Myspace page on January 6, 2010. Snakes for the Divine was released on February 23 through E1 Music.

In an interview, Matt Pike stated: “The title ‘Snakes for the Divine’ is based on the premise that Adam and Eve weren’t the first people on Earth, and Adam actually having a wife that was a Reptilian named Lilith. They were the first two people to actually take the reptilian DNA, and make shape shifting human beings that go between the fourth-dimensional, the Anunnaki, and human beings. Eventually, from ancient Mesopotamia, this spawned a thing called the Illuminati – the enlightened ones – coming up through the centuries, and choosing the kings, controlling your media, controlling your banking, blah blah blah. It’s just theory at most points. I thought it’d make a great metal song, so I just went ahead and started writing about that. That’s how the record came about, as far as the theme..”

1. “Snakes for the Divine” 8:23
2. “Frost Hammer” 6:07
3. “Bastard Samurai” 6:37
4. “Ghost Neck” 5:01
5. “The Path” 1:20
6. “Fire, Flood & Plague” 6:08
7. “How Dark We Pray” 8:06
8. “Holy Flames of the Fire Spitter” 4:13
9. “Mystery of Helm” (Bonus Track) 4:01
10. “Eyes & Teeth (Live)” (Best Buy Bonus Track) 4:31
11. “Cometh Down Hessian (Live)” (Best Buy Bonus Track) 4:33



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