In a concoction bewitched of darkness, where a hypnotic groove hurl you into a kind of spell, it is the aspiration of three boys in Kansas City.
The Custom Black rise on the endless plains of Kansas, the union of three hellion, able to give us, four years after their debut, an album by sabbathiane atmospheres and already at first hearing will capture that desire to find out which size will be screened Josh, Glenn and Brian.

The solid structure encoded by a specific sound and that shortly be able to absorb, it makes this work an absolute gem of this early 2017.
With “She Rides” is immediately clear the line of the album.
The formula, the secret, the always the same ingredients, the dawn of time: a bass, a guitar and a battery. Stop. Look no further. Especially when you have the talent, when you put in power the imagination, when to make music with it and drag it all just be and not appear.

These are the Custom Black, and not be appearing.
This was written in large letters the second track of the Album, “Relativity”, which is not a filler but manages to bring out the creed doom band.
The successful conjugation of bass riffs and guitar that offers “Earthly Things” will make you feel the passion definitely (earthly and otherwise) that Custom they put in this work, because on one hand you have the ground beneath feet will start to make you jump, the other the feeling of getting lost in the dark will be the mistress, and brought in the beginning of “Sleep Forever”.

The bass intro of the fourth track will be the union of the psychedelic and the most extreme heavy, and the soothing voice of Josh Acosta will be able to take the soul to accompany her on a journey which will not affect the middle, because the ‘important, listening to this point, it will be just to live it.

Now the measure begins to be filled, and the black of darkness will envelop, he bolted to the final of the three American boys groove. “Custom Black” is pure adrenaline, the heat that is released into the veins, an essential prelude to “Dying Under A Hot Sun”.
In the penultimate opera song style sabbathiano it will be the master, seven minutes seven of pure doom that, with all due caution, you will not regret the Gibson SG Tony. And if the band’s intent was to make you feel hot and stuffy sun Kansas the operation has succeeded in full. Live or die at this point is irrelevant.

The closure, with the album’s title track, will be substance that will initiate a chain reaction that will make you melt. Bodies that will begin to mutate to enjoy work that is already a masterpiece, as to position itself as one of the finest works done in this 2017.

Smoke Shall Rise
by Custom Black

1. She Rides 04:02
2. Relativity 03:12
3. Earthly Things 05:05
4. Forever Sleep 06:49
5. Custom Black 03:31
6. Dying Under A Hot Sun 07:02
7. Smoke Shall Rise 04:24

Official Site
released February 21, 2017

All songs written and performd by Custom Black
Recorded and mixed by Justin Mantooth at Westend Recording Studios
Mastered by Mike Nolte at Eureka Mastering
Artwork by Joshua M. Wilkinson of The Company KC
Logo by David Paul Seymour

Josh Acosta: Guitar/Vocals
Glenn Hall: Bass
Brian Burchfield: Drums



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