Velvet Magic

There is not and never will be a good war or a bad war. Whatever type of conflict will always have a way to create victims and losers, where the presumed winner can stick on his chest the cleats of human defeat.
The war probably more politically bloody recent history is due to the armed conflict fought from 1955 ended April 30, 1975: The Vietnam War.

This is the first premise that presents the first work of Californians Devil’s Witches, who immersed in psychedelic atmospheres that passed through one of the darkest pages of human history, have created a work of Doom an invaluable thickness.
At the end of listening we could not help but start over again, knowing that this album can not and should not cover a hole created from everyday life.
We have observed with great care, documenting the history of the band, wondering if it was possible that a group could make his musical debut with such an important full-length.

This work, inseparably linked to the slaughter of My Lai, is not only Doom, Psychedelic and Fuzz, but is conceptually a raw story, a narrative, slides and horror film perpetuated in that historical period.
In respectful silence we recrossed the nine tracks that make up “Velvet Magic”. Loads of emotions, we made a trip back to memory, forgetting that musically we usually tend to do.

Devil's Witch

We decided not to get into the specifics of the work (except for two tracks that we will discuss shortly), considering it irrelevant compared to what the Devil’s Witches wanted to tell.
In an objective way, we listened and streamlined through the story told, what “Velvet Magic” meant.
A story that focuses on the life spent in Southeast Asia from the war who has lived, fought and hated.
We believe this work a true concept album, based on a Voodoo ritual that infuses its feminine magic to seduce an American soldier. A story of sex, seduction, war and redemption, which emerged from the violence and misery of the ’60s and uses his supernatural powers to transcend the horrors and begin a new world
As anticipated will be two tracks that will examine.

The first is “Black Cauldron”, a song that focuses on the atrocities committed by American soldiers against Vietnamese civilians during the massacre at My Lai, where they died, including old men, women and children over three hundred people. A track where the intertwining of the horror and the rite is consumed in this passage:

“Guns shot by your hands making bodies cold
My Lai massacre only 9 years old
Just a victim of the war you sold
How close see my body alive with flame
Promises you will never kill again
How gaze into my black cauldron “

The second is precisely the track that makes the entire work by Cicero, “Voodoo Woman”.

In this case, after a thorough search, we want to propose the acoustic version and not the one that you will find on the album.
We deliberately offer this version because we personally was very impressed. They hit the video images, hit the consuming capacity of the six strings of telling a historical period to the edge of the surreal. But above all, they hit my eyes and staring into the time of the protagonist. Life without a tomorrow that inexorably goes to meet man’s horrors, conscious to travel a road of no return.

For large gap we “Velvet Magic” the full-length Doom more expressive and addictive all this 2017. A concept album that can not be missing from your favorite discs. Melodious and melancholy story of a band we will hear again.

by Joe Zagari

Velvet Magic
by Devil’s Witches

1. Apache Snow 04:52
2. Motorpsycho 03:03
3. Black Cauldron 04:31
4. Pornodelic Opium Dreams 04:49
5. Voodoo Woman 04:16
6. Mountain of the Devil’s Witch 07:00
7. Jupiter Kush 02:33
8. Velvet Magic 06:31
9. Requiem pour un Vampire 03:19

Official Site
released March 20, 2017



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