The Riven, formed in West London, made their debut with the EP Blackbird and the contagion is now immediate.

We literally lying on twenty-eight minutes of Blackbird, letting it carried us back in time to savor again the early 70s. we have seen firsthand that atmosphere capable of laying the foundation of what today we get to enjoy and use.
Let us assume that the impact has been devastating.
On one side is the healthy desire of a genre from classical connotations that every time knocks on the door, and the other for a production that was able to be elitist, enough to push us immediately purchase the work.

The influences in these five track EP feel a lot, but the originality of the composition of this work make it seem dated years before onset, as if they were on the scene since the time of their mentors.
The open-track is ideal forerunner of this EP, first real adrenaline rush that will project in a Rock of yesteryear, constituting in fact one of the best plays made in this 2017.
Tower is largely identical to the opening, aimed to lead to psychedelic moments that will be the prelude to the title track of the work.
With Blackbird touching the strings of the psyche, perfect interlude before you prepare to live the last ten minutes of the EP.
Killer On The Loose was for us the most beautiful and significant trace of ‘EP, original from the first to the last second and punctuated by heavy influence that we messed hair and appearance.
Here it is forbidden to think. Close your eyes (again again and again) and fly. This the only information needed for fully enjoy a piece that will trigger your desire to give the body all the sensations that feel the need.
It will be like a cold shower in the middle of August, feeling of freedom that will give you the strength to face almost satisfied the EP closing.

Closure One Last Time, where we find the answer to a thought flashed in the head more than once. And then start again, one last time, absorbing the warm voice scratchy and Charlotta, vibrating in six Arnau ropes and letting go of his head to the rhythm imposed by Max and Olof operation will be necessary, because Blackbird is something not missed it for the world.

by Joe Zagari

by The Riven

1. Ain’t No Doctor 03:45
2. Tower 04:41
3. Blackbird 05:45
4. Killer On The Loose 03:55
5. One Last Time 05:16

Official Site
released April 14, 2017

Recorded and mixed by JB Pilon at Buffalo Studios in London, UK
Mastered by Brad at Audiosiege in Porland, OR
Artwork by Maarten Donders

Charlotta Ekebergh – Vocals
Arnau Diaz – Guitar
Max Ternebring – Bass Guitar
Olof Axegärd – Drums



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