We get the idea, perhaps with presumption, to draw up a ranking of the top twenty works of this year. We just made drag from our sensations, emotions and personal taste, carried by only the flowing of the music.

1. from Dallas, Texas, Wo Fat with Midnight Cometh
“The sleep that rests beneath the rocks of Texas desert returned to mark the time.
Two years away from “The Conjuring” the Dallas, this album hits the target in every single note. Riff surfaced from the depths mingle with smoke and fog and confirms the band as the best”.


2. from Madison, Wisconsin, Droids Attack with Sci?-?Fi Or Die
“For those who really love her, in music There is never a better or a worse ..
And if the three guys from Madison are just a step behind their countrymen Wo Fat, that doesn’t mean that they have not baked a similarly elite work.
When the play becomes stronger the only solution is to stay connected to the straps of the carousel That sends you into orbit.”



3. from Khartsyzk, Ukraine, The Curse of Wendigo with Joiner
“From the beginning they show you that they can grab you by the hair, but after a few minutes you find out that instead they took you by the hand and dragged into the warmest trip did in your youth.
They know of what they are made and in the end you find out perfectly too.
well-placed bombs inside each track indelible mark furrows “.



4. from Athens, Greece, Nightstalker with As Above, So Below
“It ‘s time to dig only with his own hands the land that suffocates us and pull out a long breath out of the coffin.
they confirm to be close associates of mind games, all traces scanned in a simple way, an injection pump in the heart made of pure fuel, for an overnight trip, which comes to lick the neurons until the hottest sensual enjoyment “.



5. from Halmstad, Sweden, Spiritual Beggars with Sunrise To Sundown
“Immediately you feel projected in a dip adrenaline, dragged into the purple waterfalls, at the first touch you recognize the signature, and under the skin begins to rise an intense air from the North.
A voice that bathes the body and mind letting go astray than the current. “



6. from Osnabrück, Germany, Lizardmen with Cold Blooded Blues

7. from Cali, Colombia, Red Sun Cult with Red Sun Cult

8. from Adelaide, Australia, Fifthy Lucre with Mara

9. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cloud with Indeterminate

10. from Naples, Italy, Lee Van Cleef with Holy Smoke


11. from Nashville, Tennessee, All Them Witches with Lightning At The Dooe

12. from San Jose, California, Zed with Trouble In Eden

13. from Rochester, New York, Fox45 with Ashes of Man

14. from Montreal, Canada, The Hazytones with The Hazytones

15. from Bragança Paulista, Brazil, I Am The Sun with Death Water



16. from DeLand, Florida, Junior Bruce with Endless Descent


17. from Kingston, New York, Geezer with Geezer

18. from Los Angeles, California, Salem’s Bend with Salem’s Bend

19. from Viterbo, Italy, Gorilla Pulp with Peyote Queen

20. from Tallinn, Estonia, Three Leg Dog with Red Sun



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